FBE Mission Statement

The mission of Fire Base Eagle is to provide the nation with a sustainable, educational facility that will pass on the experiences and lessons learned from the US Armed Forces ground combat operations during the Vietnam War. This interactive, educational resource and entertainment venue will inform, educate and honor the combat soldier through state-of-the-art digital presentations and technologically-advanced exhibits.

Honoring the U.S. Armed Forces Ground
Combat Operations during the Vietnam conflict

Fire Base Eagle is a non-profit corporation developing a multi-faceted Vietnam History Center. It is to be located in the beautiful, wooded Allegheny Mountains of central Pennsylvania near the City of Altoona.

The primary presentation of the facility will be ground combat troop operations. The everyday life and encounters of the ground forces will be explained by using both interior and exterior displays.

The idea is not to put a good face on war, but to show what sacrifices were made by Vietnam Veterans. The importance of the impact upon these veterans and our society has many lessons to be passed on to the post Vietnam era generations. To reach this goal, programs are to be developed to present factual accounts through oral and visual histories. Classroom areas will be available to the general public as well as students and educators.

Above all, this facility is to honor all veterans, who gave of themselves unselfishly for the ideals of freedom for all. The hope is this facility will reinforce the patriotism of all veterans and citizens. Along with dispelling lingering myths and misconceptions, it will help the Vietnam Veteran and the country complete the healing process.

After visiting our web site we hope you will be better informed of our dream to construct this most important museum to the veterans who have served durning the Vietnam Era and to all the Non-Vietnam Era Veterans. All donations will go to the complete construction and firnishing of this project.

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