Vietnam War History Center

For members of the Project Fire Base Eagle, respect for those who have gone before us is a way of life. The concept of Fire Base Eagle Vietnam War History Center is to inform and educate the public about combat operations in Vietnam, and to honor the U.S. ground combat soldier during the Vietnam War. The focus of the Center will be a full scale firebase (Fire Base Eagle) and the facility's theme will be "Tour of Duty." Thus, the firebase would make the Center truly unique among current museums and archives dedicated to the Vietnam War. The every day life and encounters of the ground forces will be explained by using both interior and exterior displays. Above all, this facility is to honor all veterans who gave of themselves unselfishly for the freedom for all, while dispelling lingering myths and misconceptions. George Montgomery, President and Founder of Fire Base Eagle states, "Sacrifice is meaningless without remembrance." Fire Base Eagle will help the Vietnam Veteran and the country complete the healing process.

Definition of a Firebase

In order to gain territorial control of contested regions in a manner impossible to the helicopter, the US Army developed the Fire Support Base (FSB) system. In essence the FSB was a self-contained artillery position sited at a commanding geographic point that dominated the surrounding countryside and provided support for ground forces within artillery range. In theory, at least, the FSB system was intended to be mutually supporting so that if one base came under attack other, adjacent bases could provide supporting artillery fire. A typical fire base might have a battery of six 105mm howitzers and four 81mm mortars as well as an infantry battalion and support services.